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The company is completely *** its bunch of scams ,the cars might look good and have a good price but thats not the case the cars are run down garabge just like their company . Look they will presude to buy a car by telling you want you want to hear so basically lies after the deal is done the company wont provide you any help . {{Redacted}}

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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BMW, this is an insulting comment as you are clearly unaware who we are as a business. Bob tomorrow, is celebrating his 72nd birthday, he has been in the auto sales industry for 43 years.

He has worked hard to build up HIS name. To falsely accuse him of doing something that hasn't happened, or try to slander his name because of as estranged relative, is wrong. The person you speak of, his father is a politician, not an auto dealer. There is ZERO connection.

I am Bobs son, my name is PHIL Blumenthal, and I am 30 years old, with 9 years experience; all positive.

I invite you to come see for yourself who we are, instead of writing frivolous comments, trying to hurt a small business. Have a great day, Phil Blumenthal

to Anonymous #1628277

Bob blumenthal is a very honest and hard working man, I never purchased a vehicle from him but know who he is. He hasn’t been involved in the life of his estranged nephew Darren for decades. Leave him out of Darren’s mess.


Hi BMW; Darren has zero association with this business. Also, he is not Bob's son. Wrong direct family.


If he's anything like his son... then that says it all. Just google Darren, and you'll see what I mean


Hello, Feel free to reach out to explain your concern, as we have no record of you contacting us. The words expressed in this review are offensive and incorrect.

We stand behind all of our vehicles and have great rapports with our customers.

Feel free to use a reputable review website so we can actually respond properly. Thank you.

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